Saturday, December 11, 2010

Active Components

Active Components
Active components are comprised of diodes, filters, integrated circuits, oscillators, rectifiers, resonators, sensors, thyristors, transistors and other active components and accessories. Other components include wire and cable, tools and supplies, thermal management components, test & measurement tools, sensors, semiconductors, power, passive components, optoelectronics, interconnects, integrated circuits (ICs), enclosures, electro-mechanical, discrete semiconductors, development tools and circuit protection devices etc. Digital circuits are composed of various other electronics components which are called building-blocks and highly integrated devices.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Electronics and Electrical

Electronics are invented to facilitate us in doing routine operations and daily activities. Powered by numerous energy resources, a great number of electronics items are run by electricity and battery chargers. Electronics products, gadgets, widgets, and apparatus are composed of many electronics parts, and these electronics parts are easily available separately in the market and can be purchased by any electronics selling store or electronics parts outlets. There are many categories of electronics products and electronic equipments where consumer electronics are the major categories in electronics. Consumer electronics are also consisted on different electronics parts and pieces and widely sold by consumer electronics outlets or electronics stores dealing with electronics parts. Consumer electronics and electronic equipments are sometimes very expensive depending upon the complexity and density of the electronics parts involved in making of these consumer electronics. Consumer electronics and electronic equipments are mostly the same things but electronic equipments most refer to a bigger size of gadgets and electronic devices containing rather bigger electronics parts and other electronic features. All types of electronics, consumer electronics, electronic parts and electronics equipments are sold by all electronic stores and outlets. The big advantage offered by these electronic stores is the availability of electronics items under a single roof. Electronics projects ate the exclusive projects technically dealing with such projects and electronics developments that are specifically related with the manufacturing of electronics and consumer electronics. These electronics projects are very specialized tasks and only performed by electronics engineers and innovators. Both electrical and electronics items are tested hundreds of time before introducing in the market. Electrical products are rather simple and uncomplicated. Electrical items usually cover a big area but electrical products consume more electricity than consumer electronics.  Electronic products have numerous features of electrical devices but there are many distinctions in making of electrical products which can be accurately understood by electrical engineers as compared to a layman.