Friday, January 21, 2011

EL Products

EL products are basically electroluminescence devices. In the world of electroluminescence, AMEL stands for active matrix electroluminescence; TFEL stands for thin film electroluminescence, and TDEL stands for thick dielectric electroluminescence. Electroluminescence technology is now considered as one of the emerging technologies such as 3D displays, 3D optical data storage, 3D printing, answer machine, anti-aging drugs, artificial intelligence, artificial photosynthesis, bio-fuels diffusion, body implants and prosthesis, concentrated solar power, exocortices diffusion of primitive amplifications, force field, genetic engineering commercialization, HI MEMS, high-temperature superconductivity, high-temperature super-fluidity, holographic data storage, holography diffusion display technologies, immersive virtual reality, in vitro meat, intelligent apparel, interferometric modulator, laser video, LED lamp, machine augmented cognition, machine translation, memristor, metal insulator, metal chips,  metamaterials, molecular nanotechnology, multi function structures, nano-materials, nano-wire battery, nuclear fusion power, organic light-emitting diode, phased array optics, photonic computing, powered exoskeleton, programmable matter, quantum computing, quantum cryptography, quantum dots, self-reconfiguring modular robots, regenerative medicine, semantic web, solid-state drive diffusion, spintronics, stem cell treatments, swarm robotics, synthetic biology, synthetic genomics, thermal copper pillar, and wireless communication diffusion and wireless energy transfer etc. All electroluminescence devices and EL products are easily available in the market. Prices of these EL products are not that much higher as compared with other devices and products.

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