Friday, January 21, 2011

Electronic Data Systems

There are a number of examples of electronic data systems. Electronic data systems are becoming more compact and smart day by day and these electronic data systems are also easily available in the market. There are five stages of data processing e.g. data summarization, data aggregation, data validation, data tabulation, and statistical analysis. As technically grouped and classified by the DAMA DMBOK framework, data management deals with various areas and subjects such as data governance (including data asset, data steward and data governance), data architecture, analysis and design (including data analysis, data architecture and data modeling), database management (including  data maintenance, database administration and database management system), data security management (including data access, data erasure, data privacy and data security), data quality management (including data cleansing, data integrity, data quality, and data quality assurance), reference and master data management (including data integration, master data management, and reference data), data warehousing and business intelligence management (including business intelligence, data mart, data mining, data movement and data warehousing), document, record and content management (including document management system and records management), meta data management (including meta-data management, metadata, metadata discovery, metadata publishing and metadata registry), and also contact data management (including business continuity planning, marketing operations, customer data integration, identity management, identity theft, data theft, ERP software, CRM software, address geography, postal code, and email address as well as telephone numbers).

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